Inn History

As far as research can determine, the house was built in 1884. Originally it was a private home, and even had its own boathouse on the shores of the Lake in front of the building.

In 1892-1893 it was owned by Garret Decker Reinhardt and Helena Louise Reinhardt. The color of it then was yellow, with brown trim, and the amount of land they owned was 100 acres.
Frank Hall, a well known early settler of this region purchased it from Reinhardt and owned it until 1916.
It was then sold to the Forbes family, which ran it until 1930. Afterwards, it was sold to Joseph Vertiska and then called The Old Vienna. It was run by him until 1941. Mr. Vertiska passed away and his widow remarried and the couple ran it until 1946, when it was purchased by Arthur and Freda Peterson, and it now became Peterson's Hotel.
In 1959 they sold it to Walter and Loretta Humphrey, who now called it, Humphrey's Hotel. After Humphrey's it became The Alcove under the ownership of Alvin P. and Eleanor Witte.
*excerpts from Tales of Greenwood Lake II & More by Wilbur E. Christman